Apartment/ Room w/ Private bath & Kitchenette NEEDED

I am a single 65 year old woman with Cerebral Palsy and looking for housing for me and my 2 Cats. I am fully functioning although my balance is not too good and I can do extra work around; helping to grocery shop and other errands that do not require driving.

I need a room or small apartment that would take cats. Preferable to have a small kitchenette/ and bathroom as part of a room or small apartment.

I can only afford about $850-900 all included for rent. I will be looking to seek a grant to help with rent but can do this amount on my own; however if a grant is accepted, some portion of rent will be paid by the grantor for Cerebral Palsy.

Thank you.

Mary Frost
Liz Tolve

After school Driver Needed

Help Wanted – After school Driver Needed

Hi! We are a young family in Greenwich CT. We need help with driving to after school activities and pick up mon-fri 3-6pm. Some light errands are sometimes needed, but a safe and careful driver with great organization skills are the most important. This job would be great for a young person after school, or an older person looking for part time work. Hours and time are not very flexible, since we work and will rely on someone who is dedicated and committed to the hours.
$20 an hour. Car provided.

Pamela Frisoli